finds budget flights around Europe, Mediterranean and Asia. AZair combines low cost carriers and picks the cheapest options from multitudes of possible connections. With AZair the cheapest lowcost flights won't hide from you anymore.

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Currently AZair database covers flights from 62 airlines bellow:

Azair gives you instant access to discount airfares on 479 airports in 92 countries. Whether you would like to enjoy sunhine on the beaches of Southern Europe or explore Scandinavia, AZair always find for you the best airfares available. Try it yourself and start enjoying the comfort AZair brings you.

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We believe that the traditional method of researching airfare (i.e. using fixed departure and arrival dates, expanded by just a few days at best) is hopelessly outdated and does not serve the needs of today's travelers.

For that reason we created AZair - the low cost airfare search engine which does not require you to enter exact dates of travel. You only need to know for how many days approximately do you want to travel (if both ways), in which period (e.g. "in July or August") and to which destination or region (e.g. "Mediterranean coast", "Southern Spain" or "Greek islands"). AZair then combines all available connections including those between different carriers and gives you the overview of cheapest options. And that all happens in just a blink of an eye.

Currently our database covers most airports in Europe and many destinations in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Gradually we expand our portfolio with more and more airlines and airports.

Do you need assistance or do you have a great idea how to make our search engine even better? We appreciate your feedback at info(zavináč)azair.com.

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Prague↔Copenhagen 917 CZK
Prague↔Brussels 971 CZK
Prague↔Barcelona 1339 CZK
Prague↔Helsinki 1446 CZK
Prague↔Amsterdam 1686 CZK
Prague↔Malta 1881 CZK
Prague↔Warsaw 1982 CZK
Prague↔Bilbao 2535 CZK